Samstag, 5. November 2011

Is it going to be worth it?


Sometimes it's worth every second of fighting for something or someone. To wait, to have patiance - to give simply space. I hope, I believe, that it's worthwile. People make mistakes, even big mistakes - and loose really much, someone or something really important and precious. And it hurts. It hurts that bad, that you can't even cry. To regret, to ask for forgivness - only words. But deeds are too much. Will there be room for hope? Or is it simply a pie in sky? To believe, that everything will be alright, someday - sooner or later. Something is missing - even if it was that close some instants ago. The upcoming day - no conversation. That close person won't be there - probably. Is it worth fighting? Will the fighting be accepted? Or is it unneccessary, because it's not wanted? Missing you already. Every second of the last talk was worth it. It was nearly that close as never before. And finally, believing in magic. Believing in good. I hope and I believe - that there will be a chance. It's going to be worth it.

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